Info Day of the EeB PPP

thSource news: ECTP Secretariat
Source photo: © European Union, 1995-2015

On 16 October, the European Commission organized an Info Day on the research public-private partnerships (PPP) launched under Horizon 2020. The Energy-efficient Buildings PPP is one of them and is of strategic importance for the competitiveness and sustainability of European industry. The EeB PPP is cofunded by the European Commission through calls for proposals under Horizon 2020. The new EeB calls for 2016 were launched on 15 October 2015. For 2016, 57 million euros are available for the EeB calls.


Emmanuel Forest, President from the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), illustrated his speech with some successfull EeB PPP projects launched in the FP7. He also reminded some strategic research areas the EeB PPP focuses on : monitoring, KPIs, consumer attitude, materials, recycling and engineering processes.

The call topics planned for 2016 under the EeB cPPP are the following ones:

  • EeB1-2016 : Highly efficient insulation materials with improved properties
  • EeB 2-2016 : Performance indicators and monitoring techniques for energy-efficiency and environmental quality at building and district level
  • EeB 3-2016 : Integration of advanced technologies for heating & cooling at building and district level
  • EeB 4-2016 : New technologies and strategies for the development of pre-fabricated elements through the reuse and recycling of construction materials and structures
  • EE 10-2016 : Supporting accelerated and cost effective deep renovation of buildings

The expected deadline to apply for these calls is 21 January 2016.

You can find more information about the calls here and download the Project Ideas presented at the EeB PPP Brokerage Session here (zip file).