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ISOBIO Workshop on skills & standards for bio-based construction products: report and presentations available

On 22 March 2017, ISOBIO organised in Brussels a stakeholders workshop about the importance of skills and standards for the take up of bio-based construction products. ISOBIO is a EU-project co-funded in the framework of the EeB PPP and runs from February 2015 for 4 years. It aims to trigger the mainstream adoption of sustainable materials in building and construction - delivering significant energy efficiency improvements and wider environmental benefits with proven performance and effectiveness.

Presentations were made by representatives from University of Bath, Acciona Construccion, Cavac Biomatériaux, Earth Building UK and Ireland, Skanska, BC Architects & Studies and Claytec.
ISOBIO objective consists in developing a bio-based insulation material with chemical and mechanical properties to tackle water absorption, fire resistance and moisture buffering while ensuring high thermal conductivity. These essential properties provide material resistance as well as indoor wellbeing and comfort. The aim is to deliver bio-composite construction materials with at least a 50% reduction in embodied energy and CO₂ emissions at component level, a 20% improvement in insulation properties, and a 30% reduction in life cycle costs.
The development of ISOBIO is planned in four phases. The first two phases will focus on taking the materials from idea to application, before emphasis switches to a smooth transition from lab to demonstration scale, facilitating an exploitation of the results by the building industry and key stakeholder groups such as construction professionals, local authorities and architects.

The report on skills and standards workshop is available here.

To download the presentations, click here

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