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New Members joining ECTP (Large Companies & SMEs)

ECTP was also pleased to welcome 5 new Members among Industry / SMEs at the occasion of its General Assembly on June 13, 2017.

COMSA Corporación (Spain)
COMSA Corporación is the second largest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructures and engineering sector. It mainly operates in the fields of infrastructures and engineering; services and technology; concessions and renewable energy. Innovation is a fundamental pillar in the business philosophy of COMSA Corporación, and the company currently has more than 37 ongoing innovation projects in Spain and abroad. During 2016 the company carried out R+D+I activities for the sum of 8 million Euros.
The European Commission has allocated €1.59M for the commercialization of the Neoballast project led by COMSA through the ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ (FTI) program, an initiative to close to market innovative products. Neoballast aims to improve the properties of railway ballast to reduce the level of degradation. On the other hand, the engineering area has set-up the eQualtiq start-up, an advanced solution which enables energy consumption of facilities and buildings to be optimized in accordance with sustainability and efficiency criteria

More about COMSA Corporación here.

FENIX TNT (Czech Republic)
FENIX TNT mission is to help industrial and institutional clients implementing their innovation projects. Their fields of expertise cover the entire range of sustainable technologies and the built environment, including renewable energy, infrastructures and transportation networks, energy efficiency in buildings and industry, resource efficiency, waste reduction and reuse.
FENIX TNT supports organisations that need to communicate the launch of a new product/service or to create, develop or consolidate their business networks for a successful market take-up of their innovations.  Because of the multidisciplinary and strong cross-sectoriality today involved in construction, they work at the interface of industrial sectors, supplying materials and equipment. FENIX TNT has access to a wide network of architects, designers and stakeholders in key sectors such as steel, non-ferrous, ceramic, natural stone, glass, chemical and cement industry.
FENIX is already engaged in several FP7 and H2020 EeB PPP projects, as a partner of BRIMEE, LEEMA, nanoCOOL, CREATE, ECO-Binder, E2VENT, EENSULATE, RE4, THERMOSS and VEEP.

More about Fenix TNT here.

ISSOL (Belgium)
ISSOL is a solar glass manufacturer and project developer of active glazing solutions. In collaboration with the world’s most famous contemporary designers, they develop positive energy solutions for buildings that generate their own power using renewable energy from the sunlight.
For new or renovation project, ISSOL acts as a pure solar glass manufacturer and as an engineering office responsible for the project development; including the product design, the roof and façade structural design and the project management.
As facade & building envelope specialist, ISSOL occupies a unique positioning in the construction sector. Not only our products comply with PV norms, they also comply with local construction norms for strict security reasons.
ISSOL also offers Research, Development, Demonstration and Innovation activities in the field of construction, built environment or energy efficient buildings. They propose highly-technological content solutions able to give an architectural function to the photovoltaic technology by replacing conventional by active building materials. More than just producing electricity, ISSOL products become essential parts of the building envelope making it watertight, isolated, protected from the sun or aesthetical.
They manage large architectural and industrial projects for private and public entities like the new French Ministry of Defence building in Paris, the Brynseng Municipal School in Oslo or the Council of Europe in Brussels

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TECHNOFI is a consulting company providing recognised expertise in innovation management and funding. The company’s headquarters are located in Sophia-Antipolis (France), a techno park dedicated to energy, IT and bio science value chains.
TECHNOFI addresses value chains where innovation processes are conditioned by various regulations acting as barriers or catalysers to help inventions reaching market uses (energy, building, clean manufacturing and bio-resources). In the building sector, TECHNOFI deals with refurbishment business models at building and city district levels, together with the related R&D needs in view of developing novel city planning tools to manage long term refurbishment projects, and innovation related to sustainable construction. In the energy sector, TECHNOFI addresses the integration of renewable energy sources into the electric system, together with all the grid innovation needed for the pan European electricity system to meet the 2020 EU targets, including the introduction of electric storage leading to novel ways of managing electricity transport, distribution and sales. In clean manufacturing, TECHNOFI is addressing the development and use of tools to manage resource/energy efficiency manufacturing processes within companies, clusters of companies, industrial conglomerates and full value chains. Overall, TECHNOFI implements change management techniques using dedicated KPIs in order to drive innovation projects and prepare business plans for innovations that are investor ready.

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TOPCON Positioning Group (The Netherlands)

TOPCON is an organization which creates new technology. They are dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs in productivity via the creation of disruptive technologies in order to help business growth. In the construction sector, they provide leading-edge construction solutions in order to achieve higher efficiency, improve the accuracy and the better management of data, machines and crew.
TOPCON has developed solutions for construction applications such as design & site management, BIM for construction, site-grading, milling and paving and building management.

More about TOPCON here.

Source: ECTP Secretariat