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Top tech not enough for district renovation success!

First in a series of three “Info Packs” from CITyFiED designed to unlock valuable insights and knowledge from the project tackles overcoming non-technological barriers in energy efficient renovation at district level. Additional new insights and public project deliverables available to registered users of

Based on workshops and semi-guided interviews with the project’s 11 cluster cities, CITyFiED partners and stakeholders analyzed their non-technological barriers and discussed possible solutions to overcome them.

The main non-technical barriers, put forward regardless of city and stakeholder, are financial ones, with a common limited access to (public) funding and lack of investments. A frequently mentioned explanation to this, hindering retrofitting of both single buildings and districts, is the high investment costs and long payback period for energy efficient measures. Fluctuations in the real estate market and even mild climate all year round in southern European cities are highlighted as additional factors making profitability and payback of energy retrofitting investments even more challenging.

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Source: CITyFiED project