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Stakeholder Consultation on the Research and Innovation Roadmap for European Raw Materials 2050

The VERAM Research and Innovation Roadmap 2050 for European raw materials is now open for stakeholders’ input.

The European raw material partners from the abiotic and biotic sectors are currently preparing a Research and Innovation Roadmap 2050 that will lay out key research and innovation actions for the future.

The consultation gives you - and your organisation - the possibility to influence the future R&I funding and challenges of the raw material sectors in the mid- and long-term perspective, as well as the concrete research and innovation activities that the Roadmap should ideally address.

The deadline to submit your input is 15 December 2017.

The consultation is open for all stakeholders. To access the consultation documents and deliver your input, please go to the dedicated VERAM web page and follow the instructions.

The consultation will lay out key activities required to secure a sustainable and competitive supply of raw materials to European industries, boosting jobs and competitiveness, and contribute to addressing global challenges.

With this consultation, you can contribute actively in shaping the future of the whole construction value chain, from the extraction and processing of raw materials to the building operation, maintenance, demolition, and recovery.

The draft Roadmap is organised into 4 key priorities and you can contribute to one or more priorities as you see relevant:

1.  Supply of raw materials
2.  Production of raw materials
3.  Closed loops
4.  New products and applications.

The input of stakeholders will be key to the finalisation of the Roadmap by April 2018.

The VERAM Consortium counts on your contribution, as well as your support in spreading the word among your organisation and network members, who might be interested in taking part to this activity.

The Roadmap will be the final deliverable of the EU funded research project VERAM - Vision and Roadmap for European Raw Materials.

To deliver your input, please send the documents using track changes in Word to no later than 15 December 2017.
Should you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Consultation Secretariat:

Source: VERAM Consortium