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REZBUILD project: an innovative refurbishment ecosystem for NZEB in Europe

The main aim of this H2020 project, which started in October 2017, is to define an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for transforming RE assets into Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

The construction sector is the highest energy consumer (about 40 %) and main contributor to GHG emissions (about 36 %) in Europe. At this stage, tackling refurbishment of existing residential buildings (historic buildings included) is a top priority and decarburization is the main goal aligned with the European energy and climate change policies, which turn Energy Efficiency into a sustainable business.

Nowadays, NZEB renovation methodologies are required as one of the key enablers in order to promote business research and innovation through energy-efficient buildings.

Access more information from one of the Consortium Members' website here.

Source: ECTP Secretariat / CARTIF