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Building4People: white paper released by Buildings 2030 initiative

Buildings 2030's vision is for all buildings in Europe to provide people with comfortable, healthy and productive spaces, while minimizing their carbon footprint. The health and built environment sectors work together towards this common ambition.

It is supported by a grant from the European Climate Foundation and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

This initiative aims to mainstream the demand for high performing buildings in Europe by seeking public and private sector commitments to invest in better indoor environments by 2030. People’s health, wellbeing and productivity must be a core priority alongside building performance.

Buildings we live and work in are affecting our environment, our physical & mental health, our wellbeing and even our productivity. People spend on average 90% of time indoors and one in six Europeans live in unhealthy buildings. Buildings 2030 believe that it is time to put people at the center, this approach is called Building4People.

A white paper has been released and the Executive Summary can be downloaded here.

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