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European Industry Day 2018

EU Industry Day will update stakeholders on the Commission's strategic approach to industrial policy and actions to further develop industrial competitiveness in Europe.

It will also be a forum where stakeholders contributing to European industrial competitiveness can showcase their activities, learn from each other, discuss cross-cutting issues and develop joint visions for the future.

The main event in Brussels on 22-23 February will be a high-level conference with many key experts and a number of stakeholder workshops. 

​A large number of events will also take place all around Europe under the 'European Industry Week' brand.

The ECTP Secretary General, Alain Zarli, has been invited to make a presentation both in Portugal and in Belgium:

  • on 21/02 at the Lisbon event, under the theme "Digital Indutrial Platform for Construction";
  • on 23/02 during Brussels event in the session "Clean Energy Industrial Forum and Construction".

Registration are now closed, but live web-streaming will be available - as from 09:00 (CET) on Thursday 22 February - for the Brussels event plenaries and all parallel sessions by clicking HERE.

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