Event Detail

27.06.2017 | Madeira (PT)

International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation, 27-29 June, Madeira (PT)

The ICE/IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation will be held on the Madeira Island on 27-29 June 2017.

Topics covered at the conference will include Intelligent/Smart Buildings, Sustainable/Green, Advanced Middle- and End-of-Lifecycle Services, Maintenance & Repair Operations, Remanufacturing & Refurbishment Services, Recycling Services / Circular economy, Industrialisation / Additive manufacturing, Lean and System Thinking, Distributed Engineering, Lifecycle Analysis, Estimation, Assessment and Optimisation, Innovative value chains, networks & frameworks.

The “Built Environment” themes will be covered at the following sessions:

• 1 session on “Building Energy Blocks and integration in Smart Cities”
Chairs(Chair/Co-chair): Paul Cartuyvels (Bouygues Europe - ECTP), Miimu Airaksinen (VTT)

• 2 sessions on “Smart and interconnected Built environment”
Chairs (Chair/Co-chair) Part I: Isabel Pinto-Seppa (VTT), Alain Zarli (CSTB & ECTP)
Chairs (Chair/Co-chair) Part II: Yacine Rezgui (Cardiff University), Sylvain Kubicki (LIST)

More information on the conference website: www.ice-conference.org