Event Detail

13.11.2017 | Dijon (FR)

Linked Data for Architecture and Construction (LDAC) 2017 Workshop, 13-15 November, Dijon (FR)

This year’s LDAC workshop takes place at the University of Burgundy, in Dijon (France).
In this workshop, the main aim is to evaluate the current status of the different available ontologies to capture building data. This includes many of the ontologies currently under development in the W3C Linked Building Data Community Group. Aside the development and usage of these ontologies, the purpose of the LDAC workshop is to also investigate ways in which the ontology-based data can be combined into a complete and holistic set of available building data. Finally, and most importantly, a number of industrial cases are invited, aiming to give an indication of the effect of these ontologies on every day practice in managing building data (design, construction, facility management, smart cities).

Information: http://linkedbuildingdata.net/ldac2017/