Network of NTPs


The National Construction Technology Platforms (NTPs) have the role to promote the collaboration between companies (including SMEs), research organizations and clients for the sake of innovation in the construction sector at National level, working closely to National and Regional Public Authorities.

The network of National Construction Technology Platforms has the role to promote synergies between initiatives of the NTPs, identifying potential collaborations between members in different countries.

The Network of NTPs was relaunched at ECTP Conference 2014 and is coordinated by the Spanish NTP.

It has contact persons in 15 countries: Austria (Porr), Belgium (BBRI), Cyprus (NTP), Denmark (DTI), Finland (RYM), Germany (Univ. Stuttgart, Stuva, TUM), Greece (NTUA), Italy (UNIVPM), Lithuania (NTP), Norway (Sintef, NTNU), Poland (ASM), Portugal (TexeiraDuarte), Slovenia (SGG), Spain (NTP) and UK (BRE) and some occasional contacts in other European countries.

PTEC organizes webinar meetings and coordinates the issue of 3-4 newsletters per year.


NTPs Newsletter Issue 10
(December 2016)
NTPs Newsletter Issue 9 (June 2016)
NTPs Newsletter Issue 8 (March 2016)
NTPs Newsletter Issues 1 to 7 (2014 - 2015)