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Join the DigiPLACE Community of Stakeholders now!

The European initiative Digitizing European Industry (DEI), and the new EC initiative Digital Europe, considers it a top priority to create a European industrial data, IoT and AI ecosystem that, with other actions, will support the development of strong European digital industrial platforms to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry and SMEs in Europe and globally. 300 million euros of H2020 budget is being invested to finance a first wave of pilot initiatives of European industrial digital platforms for the sectors of industry, agriculture, health, energy, to which the construction industry has been added.

DigiPLACE is the European H2020 project that is responsible for designing the reference architecture of the European digital platform for constructions, that will support the digital transformation of the construction sector to make it more productive, sustainable and people-centric, able to respond to the growing demand  for new services, technologies and business models necessary for the sector to grow and fulfill the 2030 and 2050 climate and energy goals. (Watch a short video about DigiPLACE here.)

DigiPLACE has started to create an open and inclusive Community of Stakeholders (CoS), that will be composed of at least 1000 members from all over Europe, that will accompany the project during his 18 months duration, and will continue to exist also after the project completion in March 2021.

You can find more information and register here.

Once registered, as a member of the CoS you will be a) regularly informed about project objectives, activities and findings, sector relevant events and initiatives in Europe, b) if you choose so you will be directly engaged via online questionnaires, c) invited to take part in closed doors workshops and physical and on line public events.

Source: Federcostruzioni, DigiPLACE Consortium