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Open consultation on Vision to 2050: the vision for renewable heating and cooling in Europe

The European Technology and innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling  has prepared a draft of the strategic document 'Vision to 2050: the vision for renewable heating and cooling in Europe' and would like to collect the input of renewable heating and cooling experts and sector's stakeholders  through an open consultation.

This Vision is intended to provide a clear prospect for the heating and cooling (HC) sector by 2050. It helps to understand the potential of the various renewable heating and cooling technologies and it shows, through a multidisciplinary approach, the way to follow to achieve a carbon-free HC sector by 2050. Both technical and non-technical issues are discussed, along with the presentation of relevant best cases.

How to take part in the consultation
Download the document here, make your comments and suggestions in track changes and send it back to by 30 August.

The 'Vision to 2050' will be presented at the 100% RHC for a Sustainable Future Conference & Workshop organised on 28 October in Helsinki.
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