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PVSITES BIPV Workshops & Guided Tours

PVSITES, a European project coordinated by TECNALIA, organises throughout November 2019 a series of training workshops and guided tours will take place at PVSITES demo sites across Europe.

The workshops will consist in free practical training sessions to be conducted at the project demonstration sites. Two workshops in Spain, two in Switzerland, one in France and one in Belgium. These series of training workshops are dedicated to all different stakeholders involved in the BIPV industry such as installers, architects, designers, technology providers, etc. These particular events will spotlight the different aspects of the BIPV installation performed at each demo site and will offer their trainees a unique opportunity to learn about PVSITES results, BIPV products, installation, design, application and safety considerations.

The workshops will be followed by a guided tour to the different highlights of the BIPV installation of each demo site.

Fore more information and registration visit the following link:

Source: TECNALIA, PVSITES Coordinator