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Register for the joint cPPP Workshop “A New Vision for Industrial Partnership” (29 October, Vienna)

The three contractual Public Private Partnerships, SPIRE, EeB and FoF, join together to present and discuss their Visions for the next decades to answer the global challenges (cf. draft agenda). Examples of the impact the three cPPPs are already generating within H2020 will be showcased. Building upon such current successes, each cPPP will depict the plans to deliver a wider and more ambitious impact for society, environment and economy.

Complementarities, opportunities to generate synergies to maximize impact, and alignments with EU and national policies will be discussed. The visions and cases that will be presented will show how Industrial Partnerships will have a cornerstone added value to reach the goals of Horizon Europe.

As this workshop is part of the INDTECH 2018 conference, you need to register for both the session and the conference here. The registration is free of charge.

ECTP will be represented by Stefano Carosio (Unismart/Univ.Padova), Hannes Warmuth (ÖGUT) and Alain Zarli (CSTB, ECTP SecGen).

Source: ECTP Secretariat