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The Finnish Association of Civil Engineers applies for ECTP Membership

The Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) will be one of the new Members admitted by the upcoming ECTP General Assembly.

RIL is a non-profit association of professionals working in the field of built environment. The association is established at 1934. RIL is active creating and developing future pathways and common strategies for different actors in built environment. RIL has over 6 000 members across different stakeholders in built environments from designers, construction professionals, building owners and maintenance. The members of RIL represent highly educated professionals from building as well as road and other infrastructure construction. RIL members are also constructing wind and solar parks as well as experts in indoor environment. RIL members represent also professionals in research institutes and universities as well as professionals in city and national municipalities.

RIL gives education for professionals and gives official certifications to experts. RIL also arranges international conferences such as World Digital Built Environment 2018 and 2019, Nordic Passive house conference 2017 or, SBE2019 - Regional Conference on Sustainable Built Environment.

Via its wide expertise of members RIL is active in legislation development and gives its recommendations and practical guidance in its well-recognised books for professionals. RIL is board member of CIB, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction. Currently RIL is leading a task group TG 88 on Smart Cities. The task group has recently published a Smart City Vision and Roadmap.

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