A new approach for the construction sector

The European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) will raise the sector to a higher worldbeating level of performance and competitiveness. This will be achieved by analysing the major challenges that the sector faces in terms of society, sustainability and technological development. Research and innovation strategies will be developed to meet these challenges engaging with and mobilising the wide range of leading skills, expertise and talent available to us within our industry over the coming decades, in order to meet the needs of the Society.

The platform is open to all who wish to participate and indeed a broad active involvement is encouraged.

To get more information and become a member, please contact the ECTP General Secretariat to get a copy of the ECTP Cooperation Agreement (you can download a draft not signed of such document, not to be used directly).

Highlights and main meetings of ECTP and E2BA:

  • (16 October 2015) H2020 InfoDay on Research PPPs in Brussels.
  • (27-28 April 2015) EeB PPP Impact Workshop organized by the EC with the EeB project representatives.
  • (24 February 2015) EeB PPP Partnership Board 5 in EC premises.
  • (17 December 2014) ECTP FA Cultural Heritage General Assembly in Brussels.
  • (16 December 2014) EeB PPP Partnership Board 4 and E2BA ExecBoard41 meetings in Brussels.
  • (26 November 2014) E2BA brokerage session, 10th General Assembly & SC10 meeting in Brussels.
  • (22 October 2014) E2BA ExecBoard40 meeting in Brussels.
  • (22 October 2014) EeB PPP Partnership Board 3 in EC premises.
  • (21 October 2014) H2020 InfoDay on Research PPPs in Brussels. (access presentations and brokerage ideas from the ECTP-E2BA e-News Portal).
  • (20-21 October 2014) ECTP/AABE workshop in Madrid.
  • (11 September 2014) E2BA ExecBoard39 meeting in Brussels.
  • (10 September 2014) E2BA Partnership Board internal meeting in Brussels.
  • (15 July 2014) E2BA ExecBoard38 webmeeting.
  • (7 July 2014) EeB PPP Partnership Board 2 in EC premises.
  • (19 June 2014) E2BA 9th General Assembly in Brussels.
  • (17-19 June 2014) ECTP-E2BA Conference in Brussels. Presentations available online.
  • (17 June 2014) ECTP HLG16 - E2BA SC9 meeting in Brussels.