Event Detail

31.08.2021 | Bari (IT)

DEAP 2021 – Designing for Aging People | INTERACT 2021 Workshop, 31 August, Bari (IT)

Our modern day society is aging at an unprecedented pace, and as such, all fields of design need to adapt and cater for the resulting age-related changes. This workshop aims to promote debate among design researchers and practitioners on how to better design to accommodate for the needs of aging people, while also enabling them rather than stigmatizing them as a lesser able segment of the population.

This aim will be achieved through having the workshop participants contribute with their perspectives and previous experiences in the field, through engaging and structured hands-on workshop activities. These will increase the participants' awareness of the value of developing effective co-design practices and ethically appropriate processes involving older adults.

This workshop (DEAP2021) is organised in the framework of INTERACT 2021. It is the third in a series of workshops, following from those previously held at IFIP ICEC 2018 (DEAP 2018) and INTERACT 2019 (DEAP 2019) conferences.

INTERACT 2021 is an hybrid conference. People may participate either in-person or online. Different registration fees are defined (more information about the registration here).