Event Detail

12.09.2018 | Berlin (DE)

ReSiELP Technical Workshop, 12 September, Berlin (DE)

The ReSiELP project, “Recovery of Silicon and other materials from End-of-Life Photovoltaic Panels”, is a KIC Raw Materials Project in the category recycling and material chain optimization for End-of-Life products. The project is based on the valorization of end of life Silicon PV. Three pillars have been identified in ReSiELP: the recovery of the EOL modules, the re-use of Silicon after purification step as well as the re-use of glass for building materials development. The project started in April 2017 with a duration of 36 months.

The Consortium is organizing the “ReSiELP Technical Workshop” on 12 September 2018 in Berlin (Germany).

The objective of the ReSiELP Technical Workshop
is to discuss with stakeholders the consolidation of ReSiELP commercial strategies of End-of-Life PV product life cycles. The attendees will have the opportunity to meet technology providers, waste collectors and e-waste recyclers, solar panel manufacturers, producers of Silicon materials, as well as end user who are interested in the ReSiELP research results.

Access the Agenda and more information here.