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BERTIM widely promoted in Asia

Partners within the consortium of BERTIM - one of the Horizon 2020 projects that are developing innovative industrial solutions to renovate Europe's building stock – care a lot about possibilities to promote their project in third countries. One of consortium members, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany (TUM), presented BERTIM achievements during Grand Renewable Energy 2018 Conference in Yokohama, Japan, last June. Project is going to be presented also in Singapore, on International Green Building Conference 2018, in September – by Institut Technologique FCBA, the French BERTIM partner.

The EU funded project BERTIM is developing a new industrial process that imports scanned data from an existing building into a Building Information Model (BIM) and exports it to the automated cutting machinery for prefabrication of timber modules. This new method of retrofitting contributes to decarbonization of Europe’s building stock by 2050, one the European Commission’s goals to fight climate change. It seems to be very interesting product for business and research entities in Asia, which economical potential is huge enough to search for – and, subsequently, to implement – novel solutions coming from European field of innovative research.
As the BERTIM’s actions planned within this project are slowly approaching the end, the consortium partners commonly work on developed product’s sustainability beyond the project’s life. So they try to use every possibility to present BERTIM solutions to all interested stakeholders also outside Europe. As Agnieszka Kowalska, Head of Department of International Cooperation in ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre Ltd. (BERTIM partner responsible for dissemination & communication activities) explains, the common partner’s effort to promote BERTIM achievements on third, Asian market, is a very positive and somehow unusual aspect of internal project’s cooperation. – Every partner clearly understand that it is necessary to promote BERTIM abroad – she adds – so they do a lot to enable this promotion by their own ways. It will definitely help to present this novel solution to our possibly new business partners in Asia.

An innovative process to be developed within the project’s frame helps to manufacture and assemble high performance buildings more quickly and efficiently. The BERTIM solution halves the energy consumption of renovated buildings and reduces the time spent on the building site by 30%. In BERTIM, European timber construction companies have teamed up with researchers and other specialists, with grant funding from the Horizon 2020 programme. The project consortium, comprising academic and industrial partners from Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Germany, intends to bring the completed BERTIM solution to the market once the case studies are completed – possibly in 2019.

Source: ASM, BERTIM Consortium