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EU Taiwan Circular Economy Seminar

The seminar organised on December 9 was framed within the ongoing bilateral policy co-operation between EU and Taiwan in the domain of circular economy. EU and Taiwan face many common challenges as far as circular economy and sustainability are concerned. Both industries face similar hurdles in making business models evolve and in adapting production processes to respond to the pressing environmental and economic challenges. The 2019 EU-Taiwan Circular Economy Seminar focused on three issues that will have a central role in this policy plan for the transition of both economies towards sustainability: plastics strategy, sustainable construction and recycling of photovoltaic panels.

Dr. Stefano Carosio represented ECTP in a round table on “Industrial innovation for circular construction”.

The panel discussed about the most recent technological developments in the industrial innovation for circular construction and the implications in terms of industrial transformation, needs for techniques and competences as well as challenges for full deployment of the relevant enabling technologies. ECTP presented the main priority areas from the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, Mrs. Caroline Henrotay from Brussels Environment presented the Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB) H2020 project while Taiwanese representatives presented some best practices in reuse of steel furnace slags in construction applications and circularity approaches. Main outcomes were the need for methodologies to assess full circularity at the level of material use and final end-uses in the built environment, the need to share approaches for market uptake in particular new business models and supporting policy schemes as well as the opportunities to share best practices in cross-sectorial approaches reusing as secondary raw materials waste that is not currently fully valorised as it is the case for steel making residues/slags. The event will be held next year in Taiwan to continue the on-going policy exchange.

Source: ECTP Secretariat