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More and better designed national public support for energy technology Research and Innovation

Start date: 01.12.2018

Duration: 36

Coordinator: WIP Renewable Energies

Budget: 0.94 M€


SMARTSPEND is a 3-year EU-funded project running until 30 November 2021, that aims to find new ways to coordinate and increase investments in clean energy Research & Development.

The SMARTSPEND project is supporting the execution of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) of the European Commission.

SMARTSPEND will organise a major conference to help innovators in clean energy access risk finance from public and private sources. Innovators need money and connections to scale up. To prepare the conference, SMARTSPEND will report the needs and sources.

SMARTSPEND will also report on the synergies in different technologies’ R&D plans, and on the ways that sectors should organise themselves to access EU funding efficiently.

List of achievements

The project reports and public deliverables are available here.


Contact person: Ingrid Weiss
Address: WIP Renewable Energies