Conference 2009 
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24 & 25 November 2009

Innovation in Construction:
Taking the lead in greening the future.

After Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam and Warsaw, the European Construction Technology Platform is organizing its 6th Conference

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Presentations in the Plaza Theatre



The pivotal role played by the construction sector in the new global concepts of sustainable development and economic recovery is now widely recognised. In Europe this has led to reinforced Public Private Partnerships which are targeting innovation in the construction sector and are setting off with the clear objective to take the lead in greening the future. At the conference, experts will highlight research and innovation priorities which have been identified to meet the challenges we are facing. Results from ongoing research projects will be showcased as well as innovative new products entering on the market and ample opportunities will be available for technology transfer from and to major construction players and SMEs.

Key words

Sustainable Construction, European Recovery Plan, Labelling, Energy Efficient Buildings, Efficient Infrastructures, Cultural Heritage, Innovation, Business, SMEs...

Programme framework                     (Updated detailed programme)

Tuesday 24 November 2009

08.00-10.00 Registration
10.00-11.00 Opening Session
Welcome address by the ECTP Chairman, Mr. Michel Cote, and by EC representatives
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.30-12.30 Keynote Session
Keynote speeches by Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (Co-Chair, International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management) and Prof. Ger Maas (Royal BAM Group, ENCORD Chairman)
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.15 Sustainability Labelling Session1 Innovation Market4
Boosting innovation via the Enterprise Europe Network

Job & PhD Market5

Brokerage and Speed dating oportunities 7
European Project Presentations8
15.15-15.45 Coffee Break
15.45-16.45 ERA-NET Session2 European Project Presentations
16.45-18.00 ECTP General Assembly10
19.00-23.00 Conference Visit & Dinner (optional)

Wednesday 25 November 2009

09.00-09.30 Energy Efficient Buildings
European Initiative3

Opening by E2BA Vice-Chairman and EC representative
European Project Presentations
09.30-10.45 EeB Project Presentations SMEs Session6
10.45-11.15 Coffee Break
11.15-13.00 EeB Project Presentations SMEs Session6 European Project Presentations
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 World-wide Initiatives Session
Speeches will be addressing
international initiatives
from Japan, USA, Canada
E2B A General Assembly10 European Project Meetings
15.30-16.00 Closing Session European Project Meetings

1 Sustainability Labelling Session

Globalization and the rise of the trans-national businesses have combined with an increasing sense of responsibility to the environment to generate demand for 'international' systems of measuring the sustainable performance of buildings and the urban landscape. This session will propose to present the state of the art, trends, challenges and opportunities in that field at European level.

2 ERA-NET Session

ERA-NET projects dealing with the construction sector (buildings, infrastructures, cultural heritage...) will be invited to present their strategies to promote and support transnational RDI projects through joining national funding and developing networking activities.

3 Energy Efficient Buildings European Initiative

This European Initiative is an industry-led public-private partnership equally funded by industry and the European Commission working to achieve common objectives. The status of this Initiative will be presented, followed by reports on some major already running European projects in that field.

4 Innovation Market - Boosting innovation via the Enterprise Europe Network

The innovation market will give the opportunity to Innovative SMEs to present their future products (building components, construction materials, site equipment, testing systems...) under development or just coming on the market. At this dedicated session they will have the opportunity to meet contractors and other stakeholders interested by innovation in the construction sector. Each interested SME will be offered a table (to exhibit leaflets or other documents) and a poster panel to introduce its innovative products. Preregistration at no cost is to be done by SMEs through sending an e-mail to (download the specific leaflet).

5 Job & PhD Market

On the Job & PhD market PhD researchers are invited to promote their on-going research work and results through Posters which will be exhibited in a dedicated room. Job offers and job demands will be put on display as well on specific boards where short job description in the form of one A4 advertisement will be centralized.

6 SMEs Session

This session will be dedicated to the role and importance of SMEs in the construction industry and the importance of cross-sector innovations. Presentations of major European activities in that field will be included.

7 Brokerage and Speed dating

The Brokerage and Speed dating session will allow SMEs to make contacts with colleagues who are looking for business partners and will also allow contacting representatives from large industries and research centres to discuss opportunities for eventual mutual collaboration and development. The room will be accommodated for this purpose with individual meeting stands where potential interested partners can engage in private discussions and exchange of information. With the help of the conference secretariat a meeting agenda will be maintained allowing flexible interaction between the interested participants.

8 European Project Presentations and Posters

European and transnational funded RDI projects under activity (FP6-FP7, CIP, Eureka, COST... including projects recently launched) are invited to report on their objectives and/or achieved results through Posters. Proposals for Posters, in a draft version have to be made through a specific Template to be sent back to by 28 September 2009. Selected proposals will be finalized, printed (format A1) and brought to the Conference site by authors. Posters will be permanently exhibited during the Conference. The Secretariat will collect the pdf files related to Posters for further display on the Conference website.

Some received proposals will be additionally invited for oral presentations during parallel sessions at the Conference.

9 Private/Public meetings

Depending on room size and availabilities, it is planned to give the possibility (at preferred room renting fees) to some ECTP-related projects to organize meetings in the framework of the Conference (reserved to the project-members duly registered at the Conference or open to all attendees of the Conference). Applications should be sent as soon as possible to

10 ECTP and E2B A General Assemblies

It is envisaged to organize ECTP and E2B A General Assemblies in the framework of the Conference. Of course, opening to these Assemblies will be restricted to their respective duly registered members. Only one representative per member-organization should be allowed to attend.

Registration fees

Registration fees are based on the receipt's date of registration form and payment. The prices indicated are per person and are only applicable if BOTH the registration form AND the payment are received before the mentioned deadlines, otherwise the higher registration fees will be applied. For late registration, only payment on site by credit card, through an online registration, will be accepted.

Normal fees Reduced fees
Early registration and Payment
(Until 30.09.2009 )
€ 490 € 340
Regular registration and Payment
(From 01.10.2009 until 31.10.2009 )
€ 590 € 440
Late & Onsite registration and Payment
(From 01.11.2009 until 20.11.2009 )
€ 650 € 500


This conference is open to public.
Online registration is mandatory and open from early September to 20 November 2009.
See our General Conditions for more details.
All prices are quoted in Euros including a Belgian VAT (21 %).

Reduced fees are granted to ECTP members (2009 annual fees duly paid), ECCREDI Steering Group and E2BA members .
If your company is a member of one of these groups, please contact us by mail to ask for your ID number. It will allow you to have direct access to the restricted registration form for reduced fees.

To attend this event, registration is now only possible onsite at the Conference registration desk on 24 November 2009.


The ECTP Conference 2009 will be held in Brussells at Hotel Le Plaza


Gala dinner

A gala dinner is organised on 24 November 2009. This event will be held at the Autoworld in Brussels. It comprises a cocktail, a visit of the museum and a dinner.
The gala dinner is optionnal (additional fees : 110 €).

If you want to attend this event, please check the corresponding box on the registration form.

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