Construction and Built Environment
Future Horizons

BRUSSELS, 17-19 June 2014


After Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam, Brussels and Warsaw, the European Construction Technology Platform is organizing its 6th Conference at SQUARE BRUSSELS Meeting Centre in central Brussels, jointly with ENCORD (European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development) and ENBRI (European Network of Building Research Institutes), and with the support of ECCREDI (European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation).

This event co-locates with Building Test Expo 2014. ECTP Conference delegates and Expo Exhibitors will thus benefit from exclusive networking opportunities.


The hard built environment is mainly constituted by buildings, infrastructures and cultural landscapes. It can be considered as a set of natural, physical, economic, human, social and cultural capitals. The hard built environment is also a place of tightly interconnected private and public infrastructure. Its composition and dynamic is very complex, since it offers and is associated to a lot of various services which support our day-to-day life. So its interconnection with the "soft" built infrastructure (institutions, rules, governance, knowledge values…) and with the community is very important.

This concept is called to take more and more importance in the near future for a lot of reasons. First of all, the built environment is our major living environment; this is the place (homes, offices, transport infrastructures, cultural places, etc.) where we spent more than 80% of our time. The quality of the built environment therefore directly impacts the quality of our life. But the built environment also serves a lot of industries and services. It impacts therefore the performance of many sectors. Last but not least, paramount challenges such as energy, climate change, efficiency and more generally sustainability prove to become of utmost importance for the built environment and very often need to be tackled within an integrated approach.

The objective of this conference, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of ECTP and the 25th anniversaries of both ENCORD and ENBRI, will be to identify the main challenges and to shape the future horizons of the built environment in the coming 25 years. How to develop and implement innovation in the built environment to reinforce its level of performance and to boost its global mission, while keeping its traditional and cultural feature? How to increase its positive impacts on life quality, economy growth and job creation, while keeping a sustainable attitude? How to develop cooperation between the construction sector, which is the main actor of the creation and maintenance of the built environment, and all other stakeholders (from industry or society) to follow a coherent, integrated and effective roadmap?

The Conference will allow getting high level visions from experts on the various facets. It will merge conceptual discussions with more technical debates. It will assess the role of the built environment and the construction sector in the current Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, as well as in the more long term horizons of several EU policies. It will also allow stakeholders from industry, research and society to meet, to exchange ideas and to get prepared to current opportunities offered by Horizon 2020.

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Key words

Sustainable Built Environment, Construction, Buildings, Infrastructures, Cities, Cultural Heritage, Ageing Society, Innovation, Business, SMEs, Affordability, Impacts, Quality Insurance, Users...

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Programme framework

Tuesday 17 June 2014
Construction and Built Environment - Setting the Scene
14.00-15.00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
15.00-17.00 Opening and Plenary Session: Societal Challenges of tomorrow and beyond - How the Built Environment is concerned?
17.00-19.00 Networking Drink within Building Test Expo
19.00-23.00 10th ECTP, 25th ENCORD, 25th ENBRI Anniversary Dinner

Wednesday 18 June 2014
Parallel sessions: How the Built Environment will meet Europe Needs and its Societal Challenges
Foreseen Innovation and Future Horizons
09.00-10.30 ReFINE: the path from Research to Innovation for the next wave of European Transport Infrastructure Environment and Life Cycle Assessments Innovation by Materials
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Districts: Engaging Stakeholders to Maximize Impact Ethics and Community Engagement: Ethics as Business Case Active Ageing for Europe's Future
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.00 Energy Efficiency, Changing of Scale: From Building to City Health and Safety in Construction Cultural Heritage and Resource Efficiency
15:00-15.30 Coffee Break
15.30-17.00 Water Infrastructure for a Resource Efficient Europe Health and Safety in Construction BIM 2.0
17.00-17.30 Concluding Plenary Session

Themes and issues

Various themes and issues will be tackled during Parallel Sessions such as:

  • How will the development of Transport in Europe affect the Built Environment?
  • How will mobility issues shape cities?
  • Transforming cities to energy plant
  • How to make the city self-sustainable?
  • Can a building become autonomous?
  • How can we sale resources needed by the built environment?
  • How the digital society will change the built environment and the construction sector?
  • Managing risks in the built environment
  • Can we make the built environment affordable?
  • How to make the built environment suitable for an inclusive society?
  • How to value the impacts of research on the built environment?
  • Consequences of education
Thursday 19 June 2014
Parallel Workshops will be dedicated to analyse the current place of the built environment within Horizon 2020
09.00-10.30 Parallel Workshop Parallel Workshop
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Parallel Workshop Parallel Workshop
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-15.00 Parallel Workshop Parallel Workshop

Download provisional programme.

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Registration fees

Registration fees are based on the date of receipt of registration form and payment. The prices indicated are per person and are only applicable if BOTH the registration form AND the payment are received before the mentioned deadlines, otherwise the higher registration fees will be applied. For late and on-site registration, only payment by credit card will be accepted.

Normal fees Reduced fees
Early registration and Payment
(until 09.04.2014)
€ 370 € 300
Regular registration and Payment
(from 10.04.2014 to 19.05.2014)
€ 450 € 370
Late & On-site registration and Payment
(from 20.05.2014 to 17.06.2014)
€ 550 € 450
(upon justification of the status)
€ 250

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Roll-up Poster exhibition

On-going EC-funded or transnational funded RDI projects are invited to report on their objectives and/or achieved results through roll-up Posters.

At a cost of 85.00 € per poster and upon approval by the Conference Secretariat, it will be possible for registered Conference attendees to exhibit roll-up posters in the Magritte and Silver Foyers. Note that this fee is due for the right of exhibition and does not include the design and printing of the poster.

Proposals for Posters have to be done through a specific form to be sent back to ECTP Conference. Only roll-up posters with a printed area of 200 cm height and 80 cm wide can be accepted. After approval, please check the corresponding box in the registration form.

Accepted posters will be finalized, printed and brought to the Conference site by authors. Please note that it is advised to use Square poster services (visuals need to be send minimum 2 weeks in advance to Kim Bouillart and graphic@square-brussels.com). Should it be the case, your poster(s) would be already in place when arriving at the Conference.

The Secretariat will collect the pdf files related to Posters for further display on the Conference website.

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Conference dinner

A Conference dinner will be organized on Tuesday June 17, 2014 at the same location as the Conference. Its cost is included in the Conference fees. Subject to availability, additional Conference dinner(s) can be purchased for accompanying person(s) at the price of 85.00 € per person.

Should you wish to purchase additional dinner ticket(s), please check the corresponding box in the registration form.

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This conference is open to public.
Online registration is mandatory and open from mid-March to 12 June 2014. Registration will also be possible on-site at the Conference registration desk on 17 June 2014.

See our General Conditions for more details.
All prices are quoted in Euros and include Belgian VAT (21 %).

Reduced fees are granted to ECTP members (2014 annual fees duly paid), E2BA members, ENCORD Council Members, ENBRI Board Members and ECCREDI Council Members.

Should your company be a member of one of these groups - or should you be a student, please send an email to ECTP Conference to ask for a code which will allow you to have direct access to the restricted registration form for reduced fees.

Should your poster proposal be accepted, it has to be mentioned within the online registration process. Please refer to the Roll-up Poster exhibition section before registering.

To attend this event, registration is now only possible on-site at the Conference registration desk on 17 June 2014.

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Location and access map

The ECTP-E2BA Conference 2014 will be held in Brussels at the Square Meeting Centre

Download route and access map from the Square website.

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We recommend to book your accommodations very promptly. You can for instance consult http://visitbrussels.be/, the official website of the Tourism and convention bureau of Brussels.

ECTP and E2BA General Assemblies

It is envisaged to organize ECTP and E2BA General Assemblies in the framework of the Conference. Of course, opening to these Assemblies will be restricted to their respective duly registered members. Only one representative per member-organization should be allowed to attend.

ENCORD Council, ENBRI Board and ECCREDI Council

It is envisaged to organize ENCORD Council, the ENBRI Board and ECCREDI Council meetings in the framework of the Conference. Of course, attendance to these meetings will be restricted to their respective members.

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