Brochures / Position papers

EeB PPP Project Review 2018 (June 2018) 

ECTP M&S Committee Position Paper
(September 2017)

EeB PPP Project Review 2017 (May 2017)

ECTP Flyer
(March 2017)

EeB PPP Promising Technology Brochures
(November 2016)

EeB PPP Project Review 2016 (March 2016)

ECTP Position Paper on European RDI Policies for the Construction Sector in the Silver Economy (January 2015)

ECTP Position Paper on Infrastructures (December 2014)

EeB PPP Project Review 2014 (December 2014)

Multi-annual roadmap for the contractual PPP on Energy efficient Buildings under Horizon 2020 (December 2013)

ECTP reFINE roadmap (May 2013)

ECTP reFINE Strategic Targets and Expected Impacts (October 2012)