About Us


The European Construction and sustainable built environment Technology Platform (ECTP) is a leading membership organisation promoting and influencing the future of the Built Environment.

First founded in 2004 ECTP brings together the collective vision for a leading edge European Built Environment on behalf of our Members. ECTP gathers more than 150 Member organisations from across the construction sector and other sectors from the whole supply chain of the Built Environment.

Our diverse membership across 24 countries, large enterprises, SME’s, universities, research organisations and professional associations allows us to take an integrated approach to tackling all relevant issues. We connect people and organisations from across the supply chain, helping us work collectively to improve our position on many societal and industrial issues including energy, climate change, efficiency and infrastructure.

ECTP is one of the European Technology and Innovation Platforms which are industry-led stakeholder fora recognized by the European Commission as key actors in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.

Expanding our network and remit to meet the shared priorities of the Construction industry

In recent years our remit for research and influence has expanded. Today we are a leading voice, driving innovation for industry in Europe, providing advice to national governments and the European Union to transform the sector, and shaping research strategy and change.

Our increased influence is as a result of our collaborations and partnerships, and the connections we have formed between our Members in order to help us collectively respond to calls for change.

The main areas of focus for ECTP today include: 

  • Built Environment Decarbonisation (BED)
  • Built for Life (B4L)
  • Digital Built Environment (DBE)
  • Heritage & Regeneration (H&R)
  • Infrastructure & Mobility (I&M)
  • Materials & Sustainability (M&S).

Each of these areas has its dedicated Committee with its own webpages (links at the top of the page)

ECTP mobilizes stakeholders to deliver on agreed priorities and share information across the EU. ECTP is an independent and self-financing entity. It conducts its activities in a transparent manner and is open to new members. If you are interested in being part of ECTP and one or several of its Committees, please follow the link to Join ECTP 

Working together since 2004 for an innovative Built Environment