What we do


Nurturing and promoting industry growth through Innovation.

The dynamics of the Built Environment are complex and are associated with a lot of various services which support our day-to-day life. Industries and services including energy, cities, transport, dwellings and infrastructure all make up the Built Environment that we live in and our standard of living is directly impacted by our environment. Responding to these challenges is crucial and an integrated approach to doing so will ensure success.

More innovation and greater competitiveness in the Built Environment sector are needed in order for Europe to compete in the international market. ECTP responds to this by developing new research, development and innovation (RDI) strategies to encourage competitiveness in the Built Environment.

We raise awareness about emerging trends and areas for innovation where investment can make an impact to the sector.

Support Research Challenges today and prepare for tomorrow.

ECTP Committees are all channels of communication and influence, that help us focus research agendas and engagement with the European Commission.

We develop research agendas and roadmaps that are used as a mechanism for change, influencing the agenda of the European Commission but also meeting local research needs.

Enabling collaboration.

Our strong engagement across the Construction supply chain enhances our position to facilitate a dialogue between different stakeholders. The impact of our efforts can be seen in strategic roadmaps, RDI programmes and influencing standards.

To connect people to research we arrange workshops and discussion forums. These provide an opportunity to meet like-minded institutions interested in pursuing funding opportunities across Europe.

Partnering with the National Technology Platforms.

Our collaboration with the National Technology Platforms (NTPs) has helped us establish a wider and evolving network in each Member State. This group of stakeholders helps us gather national input and more widely disseminate knowledge and research outputs to industry.The National Technology Platforms help elevate our position in Europe. The NTPs co-ordinators promote ECTP in a national context and take an active role in identifying new research priorities and focus areas.

Our Organisation

The ECTP President and Vice-Presidents manage ECTP and chair the Steering Committee which includes representatives from all types of Member organisations.

The Steering Committee is composed of up to 30 Members, appointed for a period of 3 years. It includes representatives from industry, research organisations, associations, SMEs and other stakeholders. It is the governing body of the association.

Under the Steering Committee there are today 6 Committees focused on:

  • Built Environment Decarbonisation (BED)  / Committee Chair: Javier Bonilla (ACCIONA)
  • Built for Life (B4L) / Committee Chair: Masi Mohammadi (EINDHOVEN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY)
  • Digital Built Environment (DBE)  / Committee Chair: Rita Moura (PTPC)
  • Heritage & Regeneration (H&R) / Committee Chair: Isabel Rodriguez-Maribona (TECNALIA)
  • Infrastructure & Mobility (I&M) / Committee Chair: Miguel Segarra (DRAGADOS)
  • Materials & Sustainability (M&S) / Committee Chair: Gian-Marco Revel (UNIVERSITÀ POLITECNICA DELLE MARCHE).