ECTP is an open platform that organisations contributing to research, development and innovation activities in the Built Environment can join. You need to be legally established either in a Member State of the European Union or in a country that is eligible to participate in projects funded by European institutions.

Work with others to shape the future of the Built Environment.

Joining ECTP connects you to a network of organisations and individuals that work together to promote Innovation in the Built Environment. We value the diverse experience of all of our Members and have seen the benefits of bringing people together from different backgrounds.

Our Members

There are around 140 ECTP Member organisations. 17% of our Members come from Large Enterprises and approximately 20% from SMEs. In addition to this we have Universities, Research Organisations, Associations and Institutional Members.

Why is this important?

Increased collaboration and competition in the Built Environment sector will drive Innovation. Having diverse membership allows us to facilitate unbiased research that captures views and influence from across the Built Environment.

For our Members this is important as it leads to opportunities for connecting with other organisations, to partner and work on funding calls. This is all keys to ensuring we are moving the sector forward and working together to respond to European and national calls.