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An end-user approach to smart buildings and energy flexibility - EU4BET Webinar, 25 November 2022

To enable the energy transition, energy performance of buildings is of primary importance. COLLECTiEF, PRECEPT, PRELUDE, SATO and Smart2B are EU-funded projects that share common goals, challenges and impacts: the development of devices, platforms, services and business models to achieve smarter buildings and enhance energy flexibility. In order to facilitate the development and the future implementation of these devices, platforms and services, the five projects joined the EU4BET (EU 4 Buildings’ Energy Transition) cluster.

This online session has been jointly organized by the EU4BET cluster and aims at highlighting the end-user point of view on these ambitious EU-funded projects; through the stories of the pilots involved in each project, policy makers, industrial stakeholders, building managers, electric utilities and the general public, will be able to experience the benefits of the implementation of the different solutions and see first-hand what a smart building will look like.

Alain Zarli, ECTP Secretary General, will make a presentation of the Clustering activities in ECTP and Built4People during this webinar.

The online session is also a unique opportunity for the  attendees to focus on technology interoperability, systems integration, energy flexibility and the innovative drive of these efforts.

The interaction with the audience will be ensured through an active discussion during dedicated Q&A slots.

More information on the agenda at https://smart2b-project.eu/eu4bet-webinar/

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