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Zero-Emission Buildings Academy webinar #11, 30 April 2024

ECTP invites you to the next webinar of the Zero-Emission Buildings Academy, launched in partnership with BPIE and ECI: UNVEILING THE NEW EU BUILDING STOCK OBSERVATORY - A PRACTICAL GUIDE. It will be held on April 30, from 14.00 to 15.00 CEST.

The EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) has undergone the most substantial upgrade since its inception in 2016. In March 2024, the European Commission launched a new version that offers an improved user interface and more data availability. 

In this interactive webinar we will unveil the main improvements of the EU BSO and showcase how to use it. These improvements include a new user interface offering advanced user experience, and an increased dataset with additional indicators and a higher level of detail.

In addition, users can customise visualizations and compare sets of data. Information about occupancy, tenancy type, and social aspects related to energy poverty, are some of the examples of the expanded data set.

With these major upgrades, this open-source web platform on building’s energy performance in the EU, is ready to become the central data hub on the European building stock, specifically under the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

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