Event Detail


Breaking Down Barriers: Integrating solar into buildings and infrastructures, 24 April 2024, Brussels

PV integration is a solution to make more surfaces available – buildings, highways, bridges and so on – to actively generate renewable electricity. It is a technical answer to the competing needs for space posed by the energy transition, economic and social imperatives and cultural significance, especially in urban areas. The technology is emerging rapidly. As part of the Increase project, this workshop will aim to bring together different stakeholder to make sure solutions proposed by the Integrated PV sector are relevant for the needs of our built environment.

To address known barriers and evaluate potential additional obstacles to IPV uptake, a cross-sectoral round-table at European level will be organised. The workshop will enable the assessment of awareness regarding BIPV from the different stakeholders, as well as the exploration of strategies to enhance the incorporation of this technology in buildings and infrastructures construction and renovation projects.

The round-table will bring together representatives from the construction sector, PV industry, Distribution System Operators (DSOs), regulators, architects, financing and insurance sector, and planning and permitting bodies, at European level. It will provide a platform to discuss and address barriers identified in the standards, legal, regulatory, and economic aspects of IPV adoption at European level. The workshop will also contribute to understand the perception of IPV and level of expertise of stakeholders, as well as building knowledge among them and increase their awareness regarding IPV.

Access more information on the agenda and register on the event website: https://www.increaseipv.eu/event-details-registration/breaking-down-barriers-advancing-integrated-pv-in-europe