Event Detail


EERA SET-Plan Conference Side Event, 25 November (online)

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) has aligned its mission to Europe 2050 climate targets and has recently expanded its endeavours to support such target, by advancing research and supporting policy-making in all key dimensions of the transition beyond technology excellence. Central to this effort is the White Paper on the CETP, which proposes a robust framework for approaching the transition from a holistic, systemic, cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary perspective.  

In this framework, the EERA SET Plan Conference Side Event 2020 ambitions to:

  • Analyse how to leverage existing R&I projects and initiatives for greater impact, and
  • Reflect on new initiatives that could further increase the impact of EU collaboration and substantially accelerate the speed of the transition.

Register here to reserve one of the limited spots (first come, first serve basis). Pending on the availability of free spots, registration is open until 23rd November.