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EIC - Corporate event with Indra on AI, Quantum, IoT and more, 6-7 July 2021 (digital event)

The European Innovation Council Business Acceleration Services and Indra invite you to apply to their joint EIC Corporate Day on 6 & 7 July 2021. Indra is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers world-wide. This specially designed service is meant to accelerate your business collaborating with Indra and its affiliate Minsait.

Indra is looking for SMEs working on innovative and disruptive approaches for:

  • Augmented and Artificial Intelligence technologies including Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Ethical or Explainable AI.
  • Quantum technologies, in particular quantum and quantum-based computing technologies, quantum communications, quantum sensing and post-quantum cryptography.
  • Phygital and Edge/IoT technologies enhancing the interaction of people and objects with the infrastructure/environment.
  • Cybersecurity, including biometric technology, digital identity, mobile security, cryptography and encryption.
  • Advanced Sensors focused on Communication, Detection, Navigation and Surveillance systems.
  • Advanced Human Machine Interface technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Voice and gestural interfaces, etc.

Selected companies will have privileged access to a world-leading company with potential to initiate strategic partnerships along with increased visibility and possible access to new markets, networking opportunities with relevant business counterparts, based on your company profile, personalised online training on pitching techniques before the event and services related support before, during and after the event.

Find out more about this opportunity on the EIC website here.