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International Webinar on Squat Rail Rolling Contact Fatigue, 23 May 2022

SQUATS 22 NL is a joint initiative of TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and University of Twente, supported and sponsored by the Dutch rail infra manager ProRail. SQUATS 22 NL is a one-day, international and online seminar focusing on the topic of ‘squats’: a form of rolling contact surface fatigue that affects rail infrastructure networks worldwide.

The squat defect is critical for many networks in terms of costs for maintenance and renewal, inspection and operational safety management. Due to this critical importance, the defect has been subject of scientific investigation in many countries, and different research lines have emerged, notably over the past two decades. The aim of this seminar is to bring together, confront and align those research lines; to provide a platform to jointly discuss the academic state of the art and to identify research aspects to close existing knowledge gaps.

Representatives from 9 different countries, each with an important research track record in the domain, have expressed their interest and will join the day. Apart from this, major rail-producing industries and a number of key industrial stakeholders and infra managers will join. The day will consist of highlight presentations from contributors, moderated discussion at the hand of propositions, and a discussion about research aspects to be prioritized. The day, with its dense program, will provide participants with singular insights in the small world of contact mechanics and metal surface behavior, and demonstrate how phenomena on a microscopic scale finally govern the lifetime of major macroscopic engineering structures such as railway networks.

In case you would be interested: passive attendance to this event is possible and free of charge for entities that have a stakeholdership in the prevention and mitigation of rail rolling contact fatigue. Please register with Jacqueline Barnhoorn, specifying your name, affiliation, contact details and reason of interest to receive follow-up information, program information and participation link.