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Repowering Europe for a sustainable EU strategic autonomy, 19 October 2022, Brussels (BE)

The world is living through unprecedented times, shaped by a combination of converging crises. As energy is embedded in every aspect of our lives, the way we tackle the current acute challenges will not only impact our short-term quality of life but also determine our chances of still reaching climate neutrality by 2050. Therefore, it is crucial that the EU response strategy integrates these multiple factors from a systemic perspective that addresses both short-term emergencies and long-term constraints.

In this context, the REPowerEU Plan was designed to support the difficult task of combining the short-term objectives of European strategic autonomy with the efforts to achieve the long-term goals of climate neutrality. Research must play a prominent role in this endeavour, but Europe needs to create the space and the adequate conditions for it to fulfil such a role in the current context.

While calling for out-of-the-box approaches, the EERA conference will aim to address some of the following urging questions: How can research contribute even more to short-term implementation challenges? How to increase the impact of research knowledge on the policymaking process? How can researchers, policymakers and industry empower each other to accelerate finding those lasting solutions that will make the EU more sustainable, energy secure and autonomous?

These will be, among others, the topics addressed at this event bringing together representatives from the "knowledge triangle" the research community, policymakers, and industry (download the agenda here).

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