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2022 MSCA Staff Exchanges call for proposals open until 8 March 2023

MSCA Staff Exchanges promote innovative international, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration in research and innovation through exchanging staff and sharing knowledge and ideas at all stages of the innovation chain.

Staff Exchanges are open to international consortia of universities, research institutions, businesses, SMEs and other non-academic organisations. They need to include:

  • at least three organisations in three different countries, two of which need to be located in a different EU Member State or Horizon Europe Associated Country;
  • above this minimum, the participation of organisations from any country is possible;
  • if all participating organisations are from the same sector (academic or non-academic), at least one must be from a non-associated Third Country.

The second call for proposals (HORIZON-MSCA-2022- SE-01-01) is open until 8 March 2023.
All funding information and procedures on how to apply are on Funding & tender opportunities portal.