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3L Architekten is joining ECTP

ECTP has the pleasure to welcome another Applicant organisation, 3L Architekten, which membership will be formally endorsed during the next ECTP General Assembly.

3L was founded in 1989 by architects Veronika Lenze, Klaus Th. Luig and Theodor Lenze as an architectural firm following the Bauhaus tradition of a holistic perspective integrating design and technology, ecology and economy. Nowadays, 3L realises buildings up to a volume of 30 Mio.€. Quite in many cases the projects are developed from scratch as typical project development activities. The nature of the buildings is often related to privately invested social infrastructure. Under this umbrella, 3L  designs  currently  health  centers,  nursing  homes,  housing  for  disabled  people,  schools, kindergartens. Quite often the buildings are realised applying disruptive technologies that are at least co-developed by 3L. Therefore, 3L is demonstrating continuously innovations that are realised for the first time. ln 2000 the breakthrough "office 2015" concept has been built and is still the home of 3L. The space of about 1100 m2 is used as a workshop for designers and engineers of the 3L team. The building was funded by the country of North Rhine-Westphalia as an R&D demonstration project and 40 new construction products have been developed for this building. The building was published internationally and 3L received a TV prize for the best energy and environmental-friendly building documentation in China. The follow-up were calls to lecture at various universities in Asia and the UAE. Veronika Lenze and Klaus Th. Luig are accredited experts by law for building physics and the holistic design and technical solution is the special focus of 3L.

Until today 3L has been involved in about 80 national and international R&D projects funded by foundations, the country of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and in different EU framework programmes and the ECSC funding scheme starting with FPS, recently in Horizon Europe e.g.,,,, and the just positively evaluated 'Reincarnate' project.

Besides BIM application, MEP/HVAC integration, development  of structural solutions for structure and façade systems, 3L became an expert in exploiting results and demonstration level and creating disruptive business modelling ideas and market approach strategies. ln 2012, 3L received the Green Building award donated by the EU for the realisation of two zero-energy kindergartens near Cologne. Today, 3L holds different patents as a result of the continuous R&D work and became a shareholder of start-ups exploiting concepts like a mobile laser weiding gun applicable at building sites that won a start-up funding competition donated by Volkswagen. 3L published 7 experts books and a variety of scientific papers.

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