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AIOTI Vision and Recommendations: European IoT challenges and opportunities 2019-2024

Digitisation has been at the root of the most impactful transformations of the past decades. It has its roots in technology and technical applications but affects all aspects of the way we work, live, study and spend our free time. It has a significant impact on our welfare, well-being and our independence as European citizens. The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates and supports this digital transformation.

Digitisation can be seen through many perspectives. It is not constrained to a single "technology box". It requires a multi-layered technology approach that is holistic and integrative, an approach that is traditionally not well served by a single organisation. This challenge, identified by the European Commission some time ago, was the basis for the establishment of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) with the aim to open up and break down existing silos in technology and application domains and drive IoT innovation through real-world implementation.

AIOTI has issued a document presenting its Vision and Recommendations. You can download this document with AIOTI priorities for 2019-2024 here.

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