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BIGG 2nd Newsletter / Greek pilots Business Cases

The H2020 project BIGG, launched in December 2020, demonstrates the application of big data technologies and data analytic techniques in the complete buildings life-cycle, in more than 4000 buildings in 6 large-scale pilots, 3 in Spain (Catalonia) and 3 in Greece.

BIGG is firmly grounded in reality and will start from a set of 6 high-level business cases, spanning a broad range of use cases as well as distinct international settings. A bottom-up business-case based methodology will be followed to define a widely applicable reference architecture. Each of the cases will be demonstrated in its own real-life pilots, building on the common architecture and toolbox.

The first BIGG newsletter discussed the business cases supported by the Catalan pilots, which were focused on the needs of the public administrations to enhance the data gathering and analysis for monitoring the performance and improving the energy efficiency of the building stock.

The second newsletter issued by the project consortium focusses on the business cases supported by the Greek pilots.

Source: BIGG consortium