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BIGG events: from the standardization workshop to the first and upcoming BIGG training sessions

In the 4th Press release issued by the BIGG project, you will find more information about:

Standardization workshop "Leveraging on standardisation for building data aggregation and analytics"
The aim of this workshop organised on November 8 in collaboration with the sister projects MATRYCS and BuiltHub was, among others, to share each project’s vision of contribution to standardisation, and co-define together the founding principles and operational mechanisms of the Community of Standardisation.

BIGG first training session
As part of Business Case 1 "Benchmarking and energy efficiency tracking in public buildings", BIGG project is developing a platform to manage large buildings portfolios. The platform is a building repository in which the energy efficiency measures (EEM) applied to the buildings are displayed, to later on the project measure the savings obtained when combined with the consumption data.
The first online training for energy and building managers of the Catalan government was held on October 25 by ICAEN and CIMNE.

Upcoming training sessions
2023 will be the third and last year of the project and it will come loaded with events and news. Many other training sessions will be held during the upcoming months concerning the rest of business cases. Stay tuned to BIGG social networks and website!

Download BIGG 4th Press release here.