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BIGG First newsletter

The H2020 project BIGG (Building Information aGGregation, harmonization and analytics platform), launched in December 2020, demonstrates the application of big data technologies and data analytic techniques in the complete buildings life-cycle, in more than 4000 buildings in 6 large-scale pilots, 3 in Spain (Catalonia) and 3 in Greece.

As part of BIGG architecture, the project aims at developing an open, cloud-based building-related data analytics toolbox – supporting different data analysis techniques – extensible to support third party developments and a wide range of services. This Toolbox will be validated in Pilots under following objectives:

  • The evaluation of the applicability of the designed BIGG platform to support diverse real-world business scenarios, in terms of defining the KPIs (from technical, business and/or legal perspectives), and collecting monitoring information to check KPIs are met;
  • The performance of cross-pilot evaluations of the different business scenarios.

The first newsletter issued by the project focusses on the business cases supported by the Catalan pilots.
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Source: BIGG consortium