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BIM2TWIN Horizon EU Project - Webinars

BIM2TWIN is an EU innovation project that creates a Digital Building Twin Platform for construction site management with artificial intelligence and semantically linked data techniques providing full simulation awareness and extensive construction management applications. The platform provides a complete situational insight into the as-built and as-performed processes, which uses and compares to the as-designed applications to implement a close-loop plan-do-check-act process. The entire process relies on multiple onsite sensors for data acquisition, cross-domain analysis, and complex AI-based event processing. The Digital Building Twin offers a programming interface application that allows construction management applications to cooperate with its data, information, and knowledge bases.

The project Consortium has organised a series of 5 Webinars dedicated to exploring the main components of the project, that is now getting to an end, i.e the Digital Building Twin Platform and its applications. 

The webinars will be held from the 1st of March until the 1st of April.

More information on Webinars' contents and link to register: