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Built4People Partnership has started its activities

Following the launch by the EC of 13 new European partnerships in the context of Horizon Europe during the 3rd edition of the European R&I Days in June 2021, the Built4People (B4P) Partnership has started its activities with its 1st Partnership Board on October 5th. As an active contributor to the ambition of making Europe the first climate-neutral economy, the Built4People vision is to enable the development and generalisation in Europe of a high quality, low carbon, energy and resource efficient built environment. Built4People shall drive the transition towards sustainability, stimulate the production and delivery on the market of holistic innovations and enable to meet the long-term goals set by the European Green Deal, while supporting a long-lasting transformation and user-centric behavioural change in the Construction and Built environment communities.
The B4P partnership brings together the whole Construction value chain and aims at developing sector-relevant innovation clusters across the EU. As a strategic partnership with the European Commission, it will in particular contribute to define the research topics for which researchers can apply for funding over the 7 upcoming years (2021-2027) in Horizon Europe. It will also interact with many Member States representatives from the EU27 countries and associated countries considered in Horizon Europe.
The Built4People partnership is coordinated by the European Commission (DG ENERGY, with support from DG Research and Innovation, and with the overall participation of 12 EC services from 9 DGs and agencies), the ECTP and the European Regional Network of WGBC (Word Green Building Council). It will be co-chaired with the EC until the end of 2024 by Ilari Aho (Uponor), member of the ECTP Steering Committee & Presidium as ECTP Treasurer, backed by Isabel Pinto-Seppä (VTT). The partnership should organise at least once a year (with the first one expected in Spring 2022) a Stakeholders Forum where many actors, including interested ECTP members, will be invited to get a comprehensive knowledge about Buit4People and contribute to its objectives and development.
For more information about Buil4People, please contact the ECTP General Secretariat -