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Call for cooperation with cities of the EU Mission on Climate-neutral & smart cities

Cities play a pivotal role in achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the goal of the European Green Deal. In particular, European cities can substantially contribute to the European Green Deal target of reducing emissions by 55% by 2030 and, in more practical terms, to offer cleaner air, safer transport and less congestion and noise to their citizens.

The climate-neutral and smart cities Mission of Horizon Europe has selected 100 cities from the EU Member States as well as 12 cities from Associated Countries that aim to become climate-neutral by 2030 (see list in the fact sheet available here). These cities will now develop, with the support of the Mission Platform, their so-called Climate City Contract, which will include an overall plan for climate neutrality by 2030 across all sectors including energy, buildings, transport....

Organisations with a local implantation in the selected cities have great potential to contribute to the objectives of the Mission (more information on Mission Platform the website:

As co-chairs of the Built4People (B4P) Partnership, ECTP and WorldGBC have been contacted by the EC to call upon their Members to get into contact with the relevant local authorities of the selected cities to discuss about ways to get involved in the planning and implementation of the Climate City Contracts (download the Letter from the EC and its annex Fact sheet on EU Mission "100 climate-neutral and smart cities").

Should you be interested, you can send an email to to receive the contact details for the selected cities. In addition, we would ask you to inform us ( about any action on your side on this matter.

Source: B4P Management Team