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Call for top experts to advise on EU Missions

The European Commission has launched a call for experts to join the five Mission Boards, with the role of advising on the implementation of the EU Missions. The deadline for applications is on 2 February 2022, 17h00, CET.

The main tasks of the new Mission Boards will be to promote the EU Missions by raising awareness of the citizens and advice on the actions of the Mission’s implementation plan.

The Mission Boards advise on the full implementation of the five EU Missions working on:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Cancer
  • Restore our Ocean and Waters
  • Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities
  • Soil Deal for Europe.

Each Mission Board will consist of up to 15 independent high-level individuals with expertise in serving public authorities and citizens and in combining public and private funding.

You can find more information regarding the EU Missions and the application process on the European Commission’s website here.

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