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CETPartnership Joint Call 2023

The Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) is a transnational joint programming initiative to boost and accelerate the energy transition, building upon regional and national RDI funding programmes.
The CETP Joint Call 2023 is the second annual co-funded call under the CETPartnership. To cover different topics and RDI types, the Call is structured into 12 Call Modules, aimed at different energy technologies and/or systems as well as both research and innovation oriented approaches on different Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), complementing and completing each other.
It will be launched on September 20.
Information on the application guidelines and the procedure can be found here, and/or at the information event taking place online on September 13.
The Transition Initiatives (TRIs) are configurations of CETPartnership members in order to work together on a specific thematic challenge defined in the CETP Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. The CETPartnership has 7 TRIs focusing on the RDI Challenges described in the SRIA (more info here).         
In particular, Transition Initiative (TRI) 7 mission is to provide solutions and technologies for existing and new buildings to become an active element in the energy system, with enhanced capability to produce, store and efficiently use energy in the residential and non-residential sector, comprising public and commercial buildings, service and mobility infrastructure buildings, etc.
A specific TRI 7 Information Event will take place on September 6.
Contact CETP TRI 7 Coordination Office at for more information about TRI7 "Integration in the built environment".