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COGITO project progress on track!

During their 1st General Assembly Meeting on the 20th of May, the COGITO Consortium Partners met to summarize progress achieved within the first semester of the project. Objectives of each work package were confronted to achieved goals.

The status of the project, short-term planning and defined processes and methodologies adopted in COGITO for project management and Quality Assurance were presented by Hypertech – the project coordinator.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to the analysis of as-planned and reality capture data that will be gathered and processed by the COGITO solution and the elaboration of sequence diagrams for part of the defined COGITO Use Cases. Consortium Partners were also informed about the current situation in both pilot sites located in Denmark and Spain.

All Partners presented also future plans and next steps aimed at achieving expected results.

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What are the Living Labs in COGITO project?
In COGITO, the establishment of the Living Labs took place in January 2021. The aim of this activity  is to collect important feedback from COGITO’s stakeholders located close to the pilot sites (Denmark and Spain). This way, COGITO aims to improve the design and development of the project’s toolbox, promote the outcomes and engage target groups into the process. Consortium Partners have built a methodology and action plan to set particular workshops within the project duration and invite selected participants to join the Living Labs’ activities.

The Consortium Partners decided to organize workshops to collect user requirements for the COGITO system.

Important results
The workshops’ groups identified an extended list of stakeholders, broadly aligned with the initial list of stakeholders defined by COGITO industrial partners. Main stakeholders were identified with regards to the COGITO Use Cases. As deduced from participants’ discussions, the main challenges are faced when planning and executing workflows and they include: information quality and flow related problems, project management difficulties, quality of input information, and technology-related problems.

Access more information about the 1st GA meeting, the Living Labs, the workshop workflow and results here.

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