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DHC+ Technology Platform c/o Euroheat & Power is joining ECTP

Euroheat & Power is the association for combined heat & power and district heating and cooling in Europe  and beyond. Euroheat & Power illustrates the advantages of combined heat & power and district heating & cooling, advocates for renewable energy sources uptake and the efficient use of primary  energies, promotes and coordinates European wide activities for the benefit of technological innovation, environmental awareness and for the continuing growth of the CHP and DHC industries.

The organization has profound experience in participation in and coordination of European projects, in liaising with European policy-makers, organizing events and managing activities. With its wide network of experts and DHC stakeholders, it is perfectly suited to ensure a wide outreach to project  outcomes.

The  DHC+ Technology Platform, part of Euroheat & Power, focuses on research  and innovation in District   Heating, District Cooling and kindred technologies. DHC+ Technology Platform's overall objective is to enhance the potential of district heating and cooling  to expand, achieve  progressive transformation of networks and realize new synergies with kindred technologies. lts role is aIso to ensure the fulfilment  of the sector's research needs  by means  of project  implementation. The DHC+ Technology Platform  is a membership organisation formed by a wide range of European stakeholders in district heating and cooling, such as utilities, components manufacturers, national associations, universities, research establishments and consultancies.

Source: ECTP Secretariat