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domOS project Newsletter #2

The domOS project addresses the smart building sector through two axes:

  • In the first axis, technology and guidelines for an open, secure, multi-service Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem are defined: in-building gateways, which connect to local smart devices and smart appliance of any type, IoT platforms and applications operated by different parties can be integrated seamlessly.
  • The second axis deals with the development of smart services. They increase the energy efficiency of space heating (heat pumps, district heating, gas boilers) thanks to innovative control algorithms making use of smart sensors and smart heating appliances.

You can download from the project website at

  • domOS 2nd newsletter, with the most recent project news and a link to listen to the interview with the project coordinator;
  • domOS newest article in the European Energy Magazine Winter 2022 Issue. The article title is "domOS: Streamlining the roll-out of smart energy services in buildings" and is written by the domOS project coordinator Dominique Gabioud and Zuzana Taťáková from FENIX TNT.

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