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E2ARC is applying for ECTP Membership

E2ARC Architecture & Research for Cities vzw is a private non-profit research organization based in Belgium. It has as a general aim the creation of a permanent collaboration between researchers, architects, engineers, landscape architects and urban planners in the fields of architecture and adaptive reuse, innovative building materials and components, as well as research related to urban planning, the environment, sustainable urban regeneration, climate change and Nature Based Solutions for resilient cities.
Through past and ongoing collaborations E2ARC has over 25 of experience in the design, development and execution of buildings projects with a special focus on energy efficient renovation and conservation. At district-level, several Masterplans were designed with an historical, urban and architectural analysis.
E2ARC is involved as partner in several EU funded research projects that relate to buildings’ sustainability and innovative building materials, cultural heritage and energy retrofitting, and urban planning with Nature Based Solutions for the cities of the future. This involvement allows E2ARC to explore innovative solutions addressing modern challenges which relate to buildings and the environment.

E2ARC is the 8th organisation applying for ECTP Membership to be formally admitted by the ECTP General Assembly on 7 June 2023.